What is RealPlayer?

On top of all the great features in RealPlayer Basic, you will be able to take advantage of premium features which includes DVD Burn software, H.264 video codec support, and making videos for PSP and PS3. To convert downloaded web videos into a format that will play on devices like the PSP.

First, it is about the speed. With RealPlayer Plus, you will be able to download movies from the Internet three times faster. Furthermore, after the download process is completed, you will have the chance to transfer them to your mobile phone at a speed that is increased by 50%.

Transfer videos to DVD and watch on TV
Download videos 3X faster from hundreds of video websites
Transfer videos 50% faster to your smartphone
Create professional music CDs with ease

Real Player Download

RealPlayer does a lot more than just play videos It downloads videos from the web, and lets you convert and copy them to iTunes library!

RealPlayer is a versatile, easy-to-use media player packed with many innovative features. It is available in two versions: free and premium. The Real Player Free Download offers many core features, while RealPlayer Plus has exclusive DVD burning capabilities and accelerated media download and transfer speeds.

Check out these great features and more
Downloads from UGC sites and saves to the web
Support download of FLV and MP4 formats
The plug-in supports all browser
Create professional music CDs with ease
Single click to start download
Show “Download this Video” button on UGC
Real Player
  • Downloaded audio and video can be transferred to you smartphone or iPad with the push of a button. Real Player Free Download supports almost all of the major devices, including Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • An important facet of RealPlayer is that it is designed with mobile devices in mind. You can transfer many types of formats, files and photos from your PC to your mobile device.
  • The transfer speed, like the download speed, is also much faster; for example, the user is able to transfer videos to his or her smart phone at blazing speeds. Lastly, with RealPlayer Plus' DVD capability the user can quickly burn downloaded videos to DVD to be played on the big screen.
  • RealPlayer does a lot more than just play videos. It downloads videos from the web, and lets you convert and copy them to iTunes library
  • Both versions of RealPlayer make it easy to download content from the Internet. The 'Download This Video' button seamlessly downloads online videos and copies them to the Real Media Library where they are available for viewing whether your are online or offline